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Translation Lviv / Translation agency Lviv

Interpretation – one of the most important components of business relationships with foreign customers and partners. The main task of interpreting is to convey the content of the utterance and comply with lexical and stylistic features as much as possible. There are two types of interpretation: consecutive interpretation (interpreting a sentence or a part of text during special breaks); simultaneous interpretation (translation performed without pauses along with the speaker).

Interpretation is required if you plan:

  • business negotiations with foreign partners
  • presentation for foreign investors
  • conference or workshop with participation of foreigners
  • conclusion of contract or mandate involving a certified interpreter at the notary office
  • phone calls abroad

Interpretation in a modern world

interpreting lviv

One should understand that modern translation – is a complex multifunctional type of intercultural communication, implemented by representatives of new translation disciplines, which are different professions, in fact: escorting interpreter, simultaneous conference interpreter, literary translator, technical translator, legal translator, translator - compiler of technical documentation, translator – technical writer, translator - subtitles compiler, translator of advertisements, etc., and require a different set of psychological, intellectual, personal qualities and professional skills.

As a result, translation activity acquires the name interlingual and intercultural mediation; multilingual technical editing; translation - software localization; software programs interface translation/adaptation, etc. Despite the fact that in today's translation market there is a demand for all-round translators, important professional qualities are geographical and thematic mobility as well as adaptability (both psychological and physical) of the translator to different working conditions.

Experience and professionalism of our translators - a guarantee of quality services, which often are crucial for a successful outcome of the planned event. A professional translator will ensure understanding, communication and most accurate transfer of information during business events.

Lviv translation agency "Ecotest-Lingvo" offers interpreting services in such fields of activity as economy, scientific and technological cooperation, law, banking, pharmacy. Before making an order for interpreting services, you can talk to the interpreter and evaluate his/her professional level.

The cost of interpreting services is calculated on individual basis, depending on urgency and complexity of translation.