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Text editing and proofreading

Translation in Lviv / Translation agency in Lviv

Text editing and proofreading are necessary for the correct information display and proper sentence construction. Sophisticated specialized translations require check and editing to ensure that the sense of the translated material exactly match the sense of the original and have no thematic and stylistic deviations.

The list of services provided by "Ecotest-Lingvo" translation agency also includes check and editing of translations performed by a third party. We are willing to check and correct your text, but want to draw your attention to the fact that it should be a professional translation. This service is estimated as a half the translation price. If the text translation is poor, we consider it as an order for a new translation.

We can check the website translation as well; the cost of such service is calculated individually, given the complexity and urgency of work.

Text editing and proofreading / Proofreading agency

  • You can check the price of text editing and proofreading and deadlines for such service by the phone +38 (032) 264-95-28, +38 (099) 275-68-58, +38 (097) 264-90-78, +38 (093) 491-69-40 from 9 am till 6 pm, or by sensing a query at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proofreading agency / Text proofreading by native speakers

There are situations when the translation has to be proofread by a native speaker. It may be necessary in the event when it comes to the website translation, preparation of promotional materials for international exhibitions or documents for submission to foreign partners, since the quality of the materials presented will be crucial to form your company's image in their eyes.

Text proofreafing by native speakers

Practice of text proofreading by native speakers is common in the European market of translation services, however in our country it only starts to be applied. Nevertheless, such proofreading is very important, because only a native speaker can correctly pick up an idiom or a necessary word to communicate all the connotations. Only the native speaker will be able to reach the maximum stylistic correctness of each sentence.

Professional translators are, for sure, familiar with stylistic and editorial standards adopted for documentation in certain countries, but only native speakers have unique in-depth knowledge of the culture peculiarities of his/her country, as well as the characteristic features and the history of the target language, that will no doubt be reflected on the quality of the text after being proofread by the native speaker. Another important thing is that native speakers have deeper understanding of barely perceptible differences between different target audiences, whom the translated document is intended.

We offer the service of the translated text proofreading by native speakers. It will ensure the best choice of speech patterns to communicate idioms, metaphors and other cultural components.