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Legal translation

Translation Lviv / Legal translation Lviv

Legal translation is one of the most scrupulous types of translation services. This is due to some important points: complexity of legal language, specific standard terminology typical of each type of legal documents, the need for knowledge of contract law, variety of different generally accepted in the international legal practice narrowly-specialized terms, phrases and definitions. Any mistake in the translation of a legal document can be costly, so the faultfinding and attention during this work are essential to obtain the desired result.

Legal translation

Thus, we can conclude that this area of linguistics is very specific. Special nature of such translation consists in the fact that the painstaking and time-consuming work requires more attention, careful selection of an analog in a foreign language for each term in full compliance with both lexical meaning and connotation of a specific word.

Only an experienced translator should perform legal translation. Ideally, such a translator should have both linguistic and legal education, because only an expert, who knows jurisprudence not superficially, but has extensive knowledge of this science, can cope with this task. Only such expert-translator can properly formulate the terms of the document, accurately convey its content.

Legal translation - price

  • You can check the price of legal translation of your documents and deadlines for such service by the phone +38 (032) 264-95-28, +38 (099) 275-68-58, +38 (097) 264-90-78, +38 (093) 491-69-40 from 9 am till 6 pm, or by sensing a query at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Translation of legal texts Lviv / Translation of documents

When working on a translation of a legal document one should consider the laws, cultural and legal features of the country, mentality of people of the source and the target language of the document.

We can single out several kinds of legal translation, depending on the translated document type:

  • translation of public laws, regulations and their projects;
  • legal translation of apostilles, certificates and other documents, which are usually certified by a notary;
  • translation of legal findings and memoranda;
  • translation of contracts, agreements, powers of attorney;
  • o translation of statutes, registration certificates and other constituent documents of legal entities.

We understand that translation of legal documents, is a heavy responsibility, that is why the translators we are working with have experience in such translations and the jurists necessarily proofread the documents. If you have been looking in the search engines for legal translation or notarial certification, and came across the page of our translation agency, please, contact us - we will do the translation that you will be satisfied with!

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