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Scientific translation

Translation of scientific texts / Translation Lviv

The most important thing in scientific translation is a precise and clear statement of the source text contents, minimal use of elements that add emotional intensity. Besides, specific feature of scientific text translation is that if a translator misinterprets and incorrectly uses terminology it can cause distortion of the text content. The translator should also have profound knowledge of the subject matter.

When getting ready to scientific translation of some subject matter the translator studies field-specific information, compiles glossaries and dictionaries. "Ecotest-Lingvo" translation agency cooperates with professionals who have experience in writing scientific papers and are familiar with peculiarities of building-up translation of scientific text.

Scientific texts types

Scientific translations are:

  • scientific translation of monographs, author’s reviews, theses and abstracts;
  • translation of scientific articles;
  • translation of reviews and references to scientific papers;
  • scientific translation of graduation thesis;
  • scientific translation of term papers, teaching and educational aids;
  • translation of sci-tech texts.
  • Peculiarities of scientific translation perfomance

    Today, availability of many foreign scientific sources significantly simplifies and accelerates the process of exchange of scientific information, data about the latest achievements of the global science, and it is absolutely clear that scientific translation plays an increasingly important role in social communication of scholars and experts.

    scientific translation

    However, while performing such translation one should be aware that scientific style is characterized by consistent sentence structures, meaningful intensity, semantic accuracy, clear objectivity of material presentation and, as a rule, lack of emotions.

    To implement all the features of the scientific style in practice, terminological vocabulary and complex grammatical structures are required. Thus, for translating scientific and sci-tech texts one should use standardized language patterns. Scientific and sci-tech texts, as well as their translation, do not allow for ambiguity of sense and distortion of used terms and concepts. Therefore, scientific text translation requires, above all, clarity of presentation given maximum compliance of the target and source texts. Only a professional who has both an expertise in the field of scientific text and high stylistic literacy can provide a quality translation.

    Our translation agency offers scientific translation performed by highly skilled translators who are fluent in academic style of statement and special terminology.