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Translation of documents

Translation of documents Lviv / Translation agency Lviv

translation of documents

Having analyzed popularity of translation services, we have concluded that over 70% of orders fall within translation of documents (both personal and company’s constituent documents).

The reason for the increased demand for such services can be business or private trip abroad, cooperation with business partners, change of residence, citizenship, new job overseas.

Translation of documents is characterized by strict confidentiality; notarial certification of such translations is usually required.

Translation of documents Lviv

  • You can check the price for translation of documents and deadlines for this service performance by the phone numbers +38 (097) 264-90-78 or by sending query at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transaltion of legal documents

We provide qualified translation from / into English, Polish, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and other foreign languages and notarization of such documents as:

  • certificates (of birth, marriage, divorce, death);
  • translation of documents of identity (passports, pension and driver's licenses, military service cards);
  • translation of academic credentials (diplomas, certificates, references, certificates of secondary education, academic transcripts, academic record books, archival transcripts etc.);
  • employment documents (salary certificates, labor books, employment references, employment contracts, proxies, statements);
  • documents issued by internal affairs bodies and judicial documents
  • licenses, certificates, international protocols and contracts;
  • decisions, memorandum and articles of association;
  • translation of documents issued by the bank (account statements and references on open accounts, tax returns and reports);
  • references from statistics agencies and tax authorities;
  • we offer notarized translation of documents (acts, powers of attorney, applications, permits for child adoption or to leave abroad.

Success of a business with a foreign partner in many ways depends on mutual understanding during negotiations and written confirmation of intent, which requires professional translation of documents.

The accuracy of such translation is directly related to company’s activity type, special knowledge may be required from a translator. The coordinated team of professional managers and translators will cope with such task.

Transaltion of documents - price / Translation Lviv

Please note that the price of passport translation and diploma translation is the price for translation of standard documents.

If you are looking on the Internet for translation of documents, translation of legal documents or translation of documents Lviv, please contact us – we guarantee strict confidentiality and punctuality while translating any documents that you have entrusted us with.

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Legalization of documents