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Website translation

Website translation / Translation Lviv

In present-day world, company’s website is a vital component of success in business. We offer translation of websites with all your wishes and comments being met, texts filling with keywords in order to promote translated pages in search engines.

website translation

Keeping up with the times, we use advanced technology. We employ highly qualified specialists in linguistics and use cutting-edge IT-developments to optimize the process of website translation, thus constantly improving the competitive advantage of our translation agency.

Through integration of balance and constant quality improvement, creativity and systems thinking, we suggest our clients a range of translation services, which can become one of the driving forces behind your business.

News translation

In addition to basic information, we translate news, blogs, supporting documentation and other updated information taking into account the terminology used in the translation of your website.

Along with the translation, we provide website localization – we will not simply change the language, but also the entire structure of the site. We attract the experts from various fields: editors, copywriters, web-designers and programmers to such translation.

The price of website translation is calculated individually, based on the volume, complexity and urgency of services.

Based on extensive experience and comprehensive approach, Ecotest-Lingvo Lviv translation agency performs website translation and localization of your resource at a decent level!

Examples of websites translation

  • translation of into English
  • translation of website of the radioactivity detector into English
  • translation of website of restaurant business and corporate catering into Polish